Pelican Art Gallery is recognized as one of the best art gallery in Pakistan. Established in 2021 in Bahawalpur. The Gallery’s aim is to give  awareness about the art to the local people of Bahawalpur. This is a platform for young artists to present their artworks to the art lovers.

The Gallery has a large collection of paintings, prints .The Gallery specializes in paintings, sculptures, drawings, calligraphy, and figurative work.


The Gallery aspires to promote art and talented artists who are part of our culturally rich society on international art horizon. 

As there is no proper art gallery in Bahawalpur. So, Pelican Art gallery is the First ever Art Gallery in the history of Bahawalpur which give a chance to the youngster to present their work to the local community of Bahawalpur and as well to the National and International.


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